Clay Items FAQs

  1. Are the accessories waterproof? - Yes, most of our clay items are plastic/pvc based so they won’t be damaged with water. Clays are also coated with glaze for extra protection.

  2. Are the earrings hypoallergenic? - Yes, all metal findings are stainless steel.

  3. Do you accept customized orders? - Yes, but you should get a schedule with us because making customized design takes time.

  4. How much are customized items? - Price may vary depending on the item/design type. Feel free to inquire by sending us a private message so we can quote for you.

  5. Where can I buy your products / do you have a physical store? - We have partner stores in the Philippines where you can buy our products. Check our partner stores in this link: You may also buy from us personally during our pop-up events.

  6. Do you accept resellers? - Not at the moment.

  7. What are the payment options? - I accept payments via Paypal.

  8. When will my items be shipped? - Customized orders take 1-2 weeks to make. On hand accessories are always ready to be shipped.


To clean your accessories, just wipe with soft cotton pads with alcohol.

When not in use, store in a clean and dry container.