Track Shipping Status

We can help you track your parcel!
Because of what's currently happening around the globe,
shipping items has been affected because of some country's restrictions and protocols.

- We ship parcel via PHLpost (Philippines' local post office)

- Items may take a while before it reach your destination
depending on your country's protocols.

- Some items may arrive between 2-3 weeks or even more.
- No worries because we can help you track as the mail comes with a tracking number.

- We can ship almost to all countries but there are some places we cannot ship items to.

Please click here to check if your country is eligible for shipping.

- In case you placed an order and your country is not included on the list, we'll hold on to
your parcel and ship it once our post office starts to accept shipping to your country again.
(freebies will be included for those who are willing to wait ^_^)

To check on the status of your shipping please click this link:

Shipping and Tracking Sheet

We manually update this sheet once or twice every week.

If you want to check your parcel on your own please click the link below and input your tracking number:

Phlpost Tracking